XboxOneConference-E32015-WINNo matter whether you are a fanboy or not, you have to admit that Microsoft’s E3 conference was very well done. Never has Microsoft been so versatile with a press conference. In years past, they would show nothing but shooters. However, this year was completely different. They started off with their franchise mover Halo 5, and I think the overall game looks really good. I will admit that I expected a little more in the graphical department from 343 industries, but there are still a few months left.

They dropped bombs as well as multiple exclusives from Microsoft Game Studios. This is what everyone has been waiting for. It doesn’t matter that the majority of them were Indies. What mattered is that they took a step forward outside of the shooting genre! I was very surprised. Before the show, they said it would be their best lineup ever at E3. I can confirm that they were spot on!

The biggest announcement from Microsoft was the addition of backwards compatibility. I was like oh hell yeah! Check this out, it’s free! If you have that game already, you will be able to insert it into the Xbox One and boom, the game will begin. They have to add the titles to Xbox live first, but they have promised that around 100 titles or so will be available for the holidays.

They also had something called Xbox Preview, which I think is a great idea. It allows the user to test games before they hit the beta phase. This is used to provide feedback to the developer. Do you know how awesome that is? Imagine how many games wouldn’t suck as much if this feature was implemented!

There is so much more information to share with you. Please watch my Microsoft E3 Press conference video review.

Game on my fellow Anime Gamers.

Sifu L

Sifu L

Given the name LeVor at birth. Sifu L begin playing video games in the early 90’s. He’s been gaming for over 20 years now. Being fascinated and skilled in all genres, he became known as Sifu L among all of his friends.

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